Wine Offer at Little Fifteens

When meeting friends, family, significant others or work colleagues for a drink, enjoy a selection of wines and get 2 glasses of  house wine for just  £4.90 or pinot grigio for just £5.20

This offer is available between 4pm – 8pm every day at Little 15.

Ponte Gio Bianco

A clean, crisp and refreshing dry white wine.

Ponte Gio Rosato

A straightforward, off-dry, pink fruity quaffer.

Ponte Gio Rosso

A soft and approachable red; fruity and light.

2 Glasses of wine £4.90

Lyric Pinot Grigio

A really characterful Pinot Grigio, with tempting apricot, peach and melon fruit.

2 glasses of pinot grigio £5.20